One Minute Wonder (series)


Two lovers with dexterity and zest, clear spectacle in the humid ball room.

The night lights rigmarole playfully on wine lit faces.

Bartender holds his poison aloft a sea of thirsty people, I see through the glass of my half filled goblet.

Emerald liquid parts the lips of my lover, her throat dances rhythmically, we drift apart as more people pour in.

Bartender pours me another round

A dazzling beauty snakes around me waiting to kill, she fills me in with more of her, my lover sights us and steals me like the wind, I wear a sly smile like an artful dodger

Her arms surround me and our emerging cavity agglutinate lecherously.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 24 x 28 inches
Created: 2017


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